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Old men dreaming of Hollywood, apparently... A BUNCH OF AMATEURS

Hi folks, look out for this film in your local documentary film festival. Kim Hopkins and Margareta Szabo have done a cracking job. The promotional blurb for the film sells tickets, I suppose. Yet I see us... 'us' cos me Joe Ogden and edited clips from 4wordsMedia are in it, as innovative unconventional old men trying to make watchable films on a zero budget. I'm rarely desperate to make films. Maybe for money, a beer(s) and live-on canal barge but film making, it's a hobby at my age. I like to tell stories on film. Think big, script it (sometimes), bring in the talent, drive about; spot the location and film it, on fade out, go to the pub. Can take all day! Then do most of the work in post with ADR and Green Screen. I dream of winning some old funeral earn; minus the ashes or a sculpture, made of nuts and bolts. In the club where trophies outnumber the members. A BUNCH OF AMATEURS the definitive documentary about desperate old men dreaming of Hollywood! It is both full of joy and heartache, you'll like it.

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